Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bunny Update

Milk ... it does a Bunny good!

I'm happy to say that Eenie, Meenie & Moe are doing great! Happy, healthy and growing by the day!

We've graduated them to days in a pen we made for them outside (we still bring them inside at night), which has them acting a bit more like wild bunnies - as it should be, since we'll release them when their big enough.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eenie, Meenie & Moe

Here they are Thurs morning, 11/16, in their make-shift nest
My Nana sent me an e-mail about my post on the bunnies, saying how surprised she was I hadn't already brought them all in the house. Ironic. That same morning I'd changed role from observer to Bunny Mama. Does she know me, or what?

After two days with no sign of Mama having visited, I found the littlest two weak and listless on Friday morning. Minutes later, I'd made a quick nest using a gift bag, tissue paper, leaves, grass and clean dryer lint for "fur" and had mixed and warmed powdered kitten formula (left over from Baby-Bunny-Mama-Drama).

I'm happy to say they seem to be doing really well (relief!) ...

Today we decided to get them out for a bit of fresh air and sunshine ...
Moe, Eenie and in the background is Meenie
 I was laying in the grass to get the above shot, when one quickly favored a better location ...

They have a tiny ridge of teeth wanting to come through and, Eenie gummed a bit of grass. How about that? The runt seems to be at the head of his class! I think I'll pick up some kale tomorrow. And a little cage (gift bag, teeth coming in, add two ultra-curious miniature pinschers that we refer to as, "The Thugs" ). Speaking of which! One of them [ahem, Tequila!], woke me up at 3am Saturday. I thought she had to go out, but she really just had a bad case of bunny on the mind. Wasn't so amused at the time.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fresh Batch of Bunnies

Tequila, one of our min-pins, found a nest with three bunnies in it this past Sunday. It's not much of a nest, just a small hole about the size of my fist, tucked in the side of a mound of loose dirt, with a bit of fur and grass in it ...

  Anyhow, one of the little guys was out of the nest, making squeeking noises in response to Tequila's interest. Fortunately, she'd caused him no harm, and I put him back with his siblings.

These pics are from Tuesday morning ... they are so adorable!

As of last night, all three are still accounted for, a bit bigger and definitely more active! They still don't have their eyes open, so my sweet husband made a make-shift corral of 2x4's to help keep them from wandering under the fence where they would be far more exposed and might not find they're way back.
I checked on them before going to bed and found they'd moved out of the nest (which has lost it's shape anyway and is now more of a dent than a hole) and were cuddled together at the bottom of the hill, so I gathered leaves around them for a make-shift nest.

Wild rabbits aren't very discriminating about where they make their nest (we found a nest right outside our front door last winter). Mama doesn't stay with her babies (she'd be more likely to attact preditors). She'll stay in the area and visit for only brief periods during the late night hours. So if you find a nest of bunnies, you should know that it's pretty unlikely they've been abandoned.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting Back in the Groove

I knew I'd been "away" awhile, but was still surprised to see just how long it's been since I posted (and to realize just how much I miss this simple pleasure of sharing). Here are a few recent pics from around our house  ~ The Casa ~ our own little getaway ...

Unexpected Guest
I'd just about finished trimming this double Palm in our front yard,
when I realised I'd had company the whole time!
Poor guy, he must've been a movin' and a groovin' to stay away from
the clippers and falling branches!

Pool of Life
Tadpoles in various stages ...Get them Skeeters!

The Nose Knows
~ Cypress Tree ~
Another feature for, "Do You See What I See?"
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