Sunday, November 28, 2010

Family Pics

We had a great Thanksgiving with Ray's parents. In person is always so much better and four days of home cooking and lots of spoiling ("Sit, you're here to relax, not to work") left us wanting for nothing, other than a few more days with them.

I got a chance to try out the tripod that John gave me, along with the self timer on my camera, which I've used only once before. I'll definitely be using both for future gatherings.

Rosi, Ray & Lola
I love this pic of Ray with his Mom. I see so much of her in him,both in features and personalities; including their talent and passion for cooking.

I got several good group shots, but this one's my favorite because I think it captures
the laughs (and teasing) that went along in setting up for "The Family Portrait".
I love how Tugboat and Lola are both looking up at us.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Morning Frost

It was a "crisp" 27 Degrees at 8-ish this morning.
All the same, it felt much warmer than yesterdays' rain.
The sun shining, the air was still, and I was happy to get my lazy-head out
of bed and outside with my camera before the frost melted ...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in North Carolina

We're enjoying another visit with John, Rosi and their adorable little dog, Lola.

We're a tad late in catching the changing colors in thier full glory,
but there are still hints of it here and there.

And Tugboat is thoroughly enjoying his first vacation.
John has given me a tripod, so I'll work on getting a group picture next.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blue Moon

In order to get a halfway decent shot of the moon; I had to venture off "auto" and into the unknown (for me) of manual ... we're tallking speed & apperature settings. I've by no means "accomplished" the lesson, but I am pleased with the results so far :)

Blue Moon
I've always been fascinated with the moon; full, blue or otherwise. As a little girl, I liked to imagine that the moon was my protector, because no matter where I was, it seemed to be following me.

Interesting that we only ever see this side of the moon (it's rotation is such that the "far side" is always eluding us) and that it's the fifth largest natural satelite in our solar system. Also interesting, is that a Blue Moon isn't necissarily a second full moon within the same month. Each month of any season has one full moon (an early, second, & late moon) -  for a total of 12 full moons per year. An additional full moon in any season is a Blue Moon .... Which sounds a bit like the same thing, but isnt' really. No matter ... it's just cool; and that requires no additional explanation.

A Day at Babcock Webb

Ray & I went to the gun range today at Babcock Webb Wildlife Management Area, in Punta Gorda. In all, it exceeds 80K acres and is among the last undeveloped expanses of hydric (wet) pine flatwoods in southwest Florida (I googled it ;). It offers camping, hunting, the gun range and an abundance of wildlife.

When I'd had my fill of target practice, I grabbed my camera for these shots.

Blue Bird (post) & Prairie Warbler (wire)


And then it was off to lunch at Randy's Fish Market Restaurant (yummy!).
They have the freshest seafood & great service.
If you haven't been, you're missing out.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bee on Red Flowers

I took these in my favorite go-to place for photos, our back yard.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sandsculpting Contest at Ft Myers Beach

Pics from the Sandsculpting event on Saturday. Supprisingly, only one artist ("Writer's Block") had a title-plaque. The contest is traditionally held on Sunday, so the artists were all still hard at work ...

This one was called "Writer's Block"

"Headache" took 1st Place (bottom left)


Sunsets ... fleeting moments of pure beauty ... 
Ft Myers Beach Pier at Sunset

Sun Revelers Enjoying the Last Rays of the Day

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ft Myers Beach

I went to Ft Myers Beach this past Saturday for the annual Sandsculpting Contest. As it turned out, I spent much of the day getting there. I hadn't bothered to look up exactly where it was being held and so I parked by the pier. I love walking the beach, so I headed south at a liesurely pace. By the time I realized just how far away it was, I was already committed to the journey on what came to be a 4+ mile walkathon. I also failed to realize, the that settings on my lense had been put back to factory defaults (duh!). No matter; it's not always about where your going, but how you get there ... and remembering just how lucky you are to be wearing shorts in November :) 

I couldn't help but notice a theme ... Pelican, Parachute, Palm, Person

Osprey Catching Lunch

Gizmo & Nikki - regular visitors from Ohio
This one of the Egret is my favorite of the day
Snowy Egret

Double Crested Cormorant Resting on One Leg
Snowy Egret, Full of Hope

All and all, a fabulous day. More on the Sandcastles next post :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Parting Pics

A few parting pics from the Dog Days of Summer (Bike Week, Key West, 2010) ...

One photograph; two scenes, two points of view.
 I didn't take this picture with that purpose in mind,  but will likely be
more aware in the future to turn off my flash (hindsight)

Tough Rocker Girl. In-your-face. Edgey. Interesting Subject.
Great Smile
And if you zoom into his sunglasses, you can see the crowd below
(not as sharp as I'd like, but there's a high power zoom on my wish list!)

Photoshop: another form of expression

Key West has definitely got to be one of the most interesting
places to be a cop.We've yet to meet a member of the KWPD that
didn't have a great sense of humor, and an incredible amount of patience.

Irish Kevins
A Key West Must-Stop!
Great entertainment, Great Atmosphere, Cold Beer  ... and AC!
I'm A Blues Man
I love the contrast between these two;
mellow guitar dude and hair-band dude.
They were a ton of fun.
Rock On!
This could be an Album Cover.
(What the heck do they call cover-pics nowadays?
A CD cover? Even they're on their way to becoming obsolete)
Does anyone know what this instrument is??

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rolling Art Gallery

A few more pics from our recent Key's trip. While the rest of the gang went out fishing, my friend Vicki (a fellow shutter-bug) and I took a quick day trip down to KW to take in the sights of the Rolling Art Gallery that is Bike Week ...

Got Mit Uns

This bike is just stunning! I've never had a desire to own a bike;
though if I were to have one, it'd have a side-car for Tug to ride in
(he'd wear an old school leather aviator hat and goggles, of course) ...
and this would be the bike that we'd tool around on!

Very classic look; reminiscent of an old military plane ...

And this one reminds me of Americana Tattoos ...
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