Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Snook Limit for This Guy (prob my best pic of 2011! )

I still can't believe I got this shot (last one), these shots (the series)! Kudo's to my hubby, the captain, who never asks how many shots are enough; as long as I'm clicking, he's facilitating. I took these on the inland (waterway), down around Cape Ramano, on 12/31/2011 ...

A Good Day Fishing ... Unless you're the Snook!

Fish On!

No Snook Limit for this Guy!

The caption on the last, "No Snook Limit", comes from the fact that it's a (permitted) limited-catch fish
... and a really popular, super delicious one!

Hope you enjoyed ~ please share!

This is something you just don't get to see everyday!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

hey, get back here!

Mrs. C said...

Hey! I think you need to post something ��

Christine Stonebridge said...

Hi Mrs. C ... thanks for looking! Can't believe my last post was in 2012 (not that I was ever great at keeping up with it, but ...). Under the better late category, I have just posted! :)

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