Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where is Thumpkin?

Well, I can tell you where's she's been. Thumpkin has been in a time warp. The past two months have been insanely busy. Besides the usual, we've been full steam ahead on a multitude of yard projects. But I'm still snapping pics ... Here are a few recent ones from my all time favorite place to shoot - our own yard :)

Corn Snake, aka Rat Snake (Good Snake)
cloudy eyes means he's getting ready to shed

resident bunny

The Master-Mind

Some Cool Highlights:

* My brother, Win & our sweetheart, Heather, are engaged!
* AND! They're getting married at our house next April!
* We stood less than 50-ft away from a Bobcat in our
yard last week (amazing!)
* My Nana is on FaceBook! HooRah!!! :)

Brought to you by the letter E

xoxo ...
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