Sunday, March 6, 2011

2nd Annual Mercato Fine Arts Festival

I met up with my aunt Mary yesterday at the Mercato Fine Arts Festival. She was volunteering as a booth sitter for the Naples Art Assoc.

The glass bottles in the window caught my eye
The Mercato offers Retail below, Residential above
... all very upscale, of course, in Naples fashion

I really enjoyed this show. It was a much more relaxed atmosphere and there was more opportunity to talk with the Artists, who were all very gracious in letting me photograph their amazing work ...

Sculptor John Townsend

These whimsical sculptures by Peter Otfinoski would look fabulous in a park!

Fun & Colorful Woodwork by Ellen Phaff
I couldn't resist getting one of her little fish for Ray :)
Driftwood Carving by Frank Miranda ... what a fabulous imagination!

Plexiglass Sculpture by Lucy Phelps
The color  in her work changes depending on the angle of view. Truly stunning.
Plexiglass Sculpture by Lucy Phelps
My favorite pic of the day


Anonymous said...

Hi Chrissie, Again some very nice photo's, glad to see you took your own advice and included the names, and links to the artists. I will have to check them out. Hope you and Reee are having fun together. Luv Diane & Jamey

Christine Stonebridge said...

Hi Jamey & Diane :) Thanks!And I'm glad to see your still keeping up with my blog ~ so, Thanks Again!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

What a fabulous post and I agree about the favorite photo. Love how you linked all the artists.
Wasn't it SO much FUN!!!

Christine Stonebridge said...

Thanks Ree :) I'm learning, lol (links)! Glad you liked the favorite photo too :) Muah!

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