Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Betty's Jelly Jars

Betty's Jelly Jars

My brother gave me a fabulous collection of old Jelly Jars from Gammy (rest in peace). Not only are they interesting, plenty of delicious memories are tied to Betty's Jelly Jars, let me tell you! These ones are currently chillin' in the Orchid house (I have the favorites in my kitchen ... they're likely to make an appearance at some point).

While I haven't found the time for my blog that I'd like (is anyone even still out there? lol) - but I have been keeping up with my picture taking (see next post!). My exuberance tends to far outweigh the practical amount of time I can invest in keeping up. And, I must admit, I have a wandering eye where the internet is concerned ;) And along those lines, I've started posting to a new site: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/christine-stonebridge.html. I also started a fb fan page - aparantly way too prematurely! My posts are showing twice on my personal page, nada to my fan page (pffhuh!?) - anyone with experience/advice on this?

Happy New Year!

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