Monday, September 15, 2014

There's a picture I have in my mind

There's a picture I have in my mind.
It's not this one, but her smile is the same.
Always true, it shows in her eyes ...
Those Scottish eyes ...
And it tugs right at my heart.

The picture in my mind, is of this ...

We're on the front of a boat,
We're in Mexico, for Mary and Don's wedding.
We're on a half-day trip, from Cancoon to Isla Mujeres (Island of the Women). 
Rosi takes our picture ... 
Me and Nana, 
wind in our hair, leaning towards each other, sharing this grin ...

And while there are oh-so-may many moments ...
So, so many memories, with this amazing woman, that I get to call my own, ...
this one sticks out in my mind, as one of those "perfect days".

I pay to swim with a shark (probably caught the same day). 
I buy my dress for the wedding at this quaint, outdoor, marketplace.
We share lunch with the Captain and his son.
I realize I left my purse at the market place!
Have to take a taxi, with the Captain's son as escort, but am lucky enough to retrieve it!.

Nana laughs with me through it all.

We share a hotel room (Nana, Win, Rosi and myself), 
We ladies all, unbeknownst until later,, each tip the maids generously, and daily.

We have the cleanest unit in the whole darn place, 
as well as the most toiletries and towels ever known to grace a suite.

The maids smile with us through it all.

I scare the daylights out of Nana - errant hairball in the shower (Spider!).

Nana laughs with us through it all.

Nana and I share a bed.
Her snoring doesn't bother me a bit (comforts me, actually).

It's not just one of those perfect days, 
It's one of THOSE perfect days!

And it's so much more than that one day.

It's a lifetime.

But that one day ..,

It's on my mind today.

It's close to my heart ...

She's close to my heart.

Always ...


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

beautiful words, brought tears to my eyes and a smile into my heart.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love that you posted because now her photo appears in your post on my sidebar!
Hand is better but shoulder is not so much. :(
Leaving today for a week in Atlantic City and Jersey Shore.
Love you mine best.

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